Jason Humble

Jason Humble

Chairman / Founder

Jason Humble initially founded Humble Family Office (HFO), offering consultancy services to early-stage (pre-IPO) ventures. These ranged from firms boasting proprietary technology to those trading global commodities, banking instruments, and assets. Over his 20-year tenure, he has led consulting initiatives that have generated over $3 billion in projects across various sectors and industries. As the Founder and Chairman, Mr. Humble operated as a key resource for his clients by helping them navigate through the complexities of investing and providing them with increased access on a global scale. Recognized as an expert networker, revenue generator, and consistent closer; Jason has become one of the industry’s leading executive consultants, creating win/win solutions for his influential portfolio of clients. Furthermore, Humble’s engagements within the capital markets, paired with his work with ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clientele, have facilitated introductions to numerous institutional level projects, setting the stage for the next phase of his career.


With his vast experience and profound insight across multiple industries, Humble positions HFO as a pivotal resource by leveraging his relationships while aiding clients in navigating intricate business terrains, ensuring they benefit from an expansive global platform.

Before becoming a leading consultant, Mr. Humble accumulated extensive experience in sales, public relations, and marketing. During his time at several Fortune 500 companies, he consistently earned accolades for his outstanding performance. His achievements have solidified his reputation as a C-suite executive and an independent consultant.

In his early years, as a distinguished three-sport athlete in the great state of New York, Mr. Humble pursued his college education and began a college basketball career at Florida Southern College. Upon his graduation with honors, he obtained a degree in Communications. Over the years, Mr. Humble has emerged as one of the industry’s foremost executive consultants, consistently engineering mutually beneficial outcomes for his elite clientele.

Apart from his professional accomplishments, Mr. Humble also holds a position on the board of the Precious Dreams Foundation. This organization is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of foster and homeless children. It adopts a unique approach, harnessing bedtime essentials and positive reinforcement to encourage these young individuals to identify and chase their dreams.

With the recent launch of Humble Philanthropy, a prestigious 501 C3 charitable corporation with some of the most talented individuals in the industry, Jason functions as a Managing Partner and Chairman of this growing organization. Jason offers an intrinsic value to the company due to his flawless reputation in the industry and what can only be described as a sort of “gravitational pull” he has with clients, partners, and colleagues. Mr. Humbles agenda is to give back in the verticals of foster care, developmental housing projects, and churches across the globe which follow his passion for the Christian community.