Our Team

Mark Holt, SVP of Marketing

Mark Holt

Advisor to Humble Philanthropy

As an innovative Growth Marketing Leader and Managing Partner with nearly 25 years of comprehensive experience in the marketing and advertising sector, Mark Holt specializes in PR and brand management, business development, digital marketing, multi-channel advertising, media buying, and lead generation campaigns. This is just the beginning of his accolades as an industry expert due to his proven track record of marketing successes through building innovative solutions for clients across a variety of industries.

After running a successful marketing firm for several years, Mark took advantage of the opportunity to merge with a full-service advertising agency, Evok Advertising, Inc. This strategic alliance proved to be successful, later resulting in Evok’s ranking on the Forbes 100 Top Agencies List (Social Media). Mark’s influence and diverse skill set in brand positioning, customer engagement, and market intelligence has continually contributed to the overall successes of Evok Advertising and its partners.

Currently, as the CMO of Humble-Carlton Family Office, Mark offers a wealth of expertise through marketing leadership and generating strong brand messaging, as well as a solid market position for Humble-Carlton and its clients.

Some of Mark’s skill sets include:

Recognized as a valued partner in collaborations with Venture Capital investors, delivering a strong ROI on go-to-market products and solutions.

Designed bespoke marketing plans for large-scale campaigns, creating optimal experiences for targeted client demographics and existing customers.

Formulated key strategies for innovative marketing solutions for clients of all sizes, ranging from SMB to larger enterprises.

When he’s not hard at work, Mark is enjoying his family and his lifelong love of music as a singer, songwriter, and musician.